Pregnancy on Demand

Canada is the only country in the world with complete, unfettered access to pregnancy on demand. Incredibly, there are no laws at all on the books to regulate pregnancy.

In Canada, a woman of any age, even as young as 12, has access to pregnancy. There are no age restrictions whatsoever.

And there is absolutely no requirement for parental consent. Every year, thousands of young women have pregnancies. Without their parents’ consent, or even knowledge in many cases.

To add even more potential injury to these young women, there is absolutely no requirement for counselling of any kind.

Do they know what they are getting into? Are they aware of the risks? (See sidebar: Ten reasons to avoid pregnancy.)

Pregancy hurts women. We at Birth Pangs aim to educate women about the TRUTH of pregnancy. We will provide scientific proof that pregnancy hurts women. While we know that no one in her right mind chooses pregnancy, we respect that sometimes shit happens.

We at Birth Pangs are working towards an end to pregnancy in Canada, but for the foreseeable future, our more practical goal is to reduce the number of pregnancies in Canada.

Everyone can agree that reducing pregnancies is a good thing. Pregnancy is always dangerous and never necessary.

Please bookmark this site for future reference. We plan to provide a source of unbiased, true facts about the harm that pregnancy causes women.


  1. pseudz says

    What a relief!!

    I had feared the death of irony – overheard discussions of it – mourned.

    Then . . .

    Here . . .

    Firm, resilient, bethornÚd shoots appear most wonderfully.

    Thank-you Birth Pangs.

    Bash on.

  2. Nola says

    Girls … let’s be honest about it … pregnancy is caused by penis’ and failed or negligent birth control. How can we put ourselves in such positions just to satisfy the selfish feelings of penis’ attached to men?

    To avoid pregnancy simply avoid penis’ … unless you just can’t live without one or more .. then you are a REAL woman … pity you ..!!!

  3. Beatrix Moersch says

    Hello, I have a question. I completely agree about possibly regulating pregnancies – there are SO many reasons not to get pregnant. However, I disagree with the statement “no one in her right mind chooses pregnancy”. Why is it so hard to accept that some people are willing to risk the health effects to have a child she can call her own? The only argument I can see to this is that there are too many children without parents and adoption should be considered first, but I don’t see this approach anywhere on your agenda. I look forward to a response! thank you!

  4. Sleeping Sun says

    Beatrix, we have no trouble accepting the fact that some women are willing to risk the health effects to have a child she can call her own. In fact, that is the problem! Women have been making such weighty decisions, often on their own, for very trivial and frivilous reasons for far too long now.

    That is precisely why pregnancy simply must be regulated. This is way too important a decision to be made merely by the woman involved. Think of all the other people involved. Don’t they get a say on whether or not a pregnancy is undertaken? Where are their views taken into account? It is because of the silent but suffering fathers, grandparents, neighbours, church elders, financial planners, people in line behind you at the supermarket, medical specialists, and anyone else who feels the pain of an extra child that we, as a society, must get behind a massive effort to regulate pregnancy and thus ensure that only the correct and proper women will bear children.

    What any given woman ‘wants’ to do is completely irrelevant in this. Women have shown, time and time again, that they are completely unable to objectively look at all the risks, downfalls, and potentialy injured parties that will be created by their pregnancy.