Anti-choice Murder Inc.

Thought Interrupted brings to our attention, by way of linking to Feministing and its current entry, “The so-called culture of life” the ever-present hypocrisy of the abortion criminalizers. In this blog she notes the murderous glee and celebration that marks the anniversary of the premeditated killing of Dr John Britton, and his escort James Barrett.

If you google the name of their killer, you will be taken to a surprising number of websites that happily commemorate these cold-blooded murders. Is this a culture of life, as claimed by the fetus-fetishizers?



  1. says

    A Culture of Bullshit is what it is. The FFs deny that they support these lunatics. That’s a load. If the maniacs didn’t have a lot of support they wouldn’t be able to do what they do. What would be the point, if your own movement would reject you? These :evil: bastards are bought and paid for by mainstream anti-choicers :mad: