This women’s gym undermines women’s choices.

Gary Heavin, the founder and the owner of the Curves Fitness franchise empire, gives money from the profits that he earns from his business to charitable organizations in Texas.

One of them operates a pregnancy crisis centre that is designed to dissuade pregnant women from having abortions. It will receive 1 million dollars. Another recipient of Heavin’s generosity is an teen education project. As a matter of policy it promotes sexual abstinence and its staff will not discuss abortion when making presentations to its teen groups. It gets about 50,000 a year.

Curves is the largest fitness franchise in the world. It operates over 7,000 fitness and weight centres around the globe. Curves exercise clubs are strictly for women.



  1. says

    Holy crap! I was just by Curves the other day, and thinking about joining (it’s close, convenient etc). No friggin way now :mad: . If I go there now it’ll be to chain myself to their front door in protest.

  2. deBeauxOs says

    In my neighbourhood, it’s less expensive and more convenient to buy a 3 month fitness pass to use the city facilities (weight room, pool, aquafit classes) then it is to join Curves. But the sad reality is that Curves franchises because of low cost overhead – no change rooms, no showers, minimal gym equipment – often have locations that are convenient for women. :???: That’s what makes knowledge about how women’s memberships to Curves supports anti-choice in the US so disturbing. :evil:

  3. deBeauxOs says

    Good link. That pro-choice Curves member made an excellent point about how a boycott could adversely affect the pro-choice women who own the franchises. Activism in action!