Fetus Fetishists Simpsonized?

Uter-youHomer: C’mon, Marge, we’re a team. It’s uter-us, not uter-you.

Many of the anti choice, uber religious, pop till you drop crowd are also anti Simpson’s. Yet here is Homer spouting exactly their belief!

The uterus does not belong to the woman in whose body it resides, it belongs to the collective “us”.

This 1933 document attests to the importance of and duty to motherhood for all;

‘We fight for the honour and dignity of womanhood against the decline of morality and the destruction of a healthy love life, of marriage and the family; for a new structuring of [..]Christian family life, for the fitness of women as mothers.’ ((A 1933 document laying out the principles of the Nazi Women’s Organisations))

Here’s a man who understands completely the concept of uter-you

This physical difference is the argument women have been making on this issue for forty years. It’s as wrong now as it was then. Fortunately for you, you women have a bunch of pseudoqueer sunshine feminist “men” to go along with your dogma.

Women should have no more say than men what happens to a fetus. Women carry the baby. Who cares? What does that have to do with anything? As usual, women want ALL the rights (100%) and NONE of the responsibility (0%). This is the only ratio women understand. ((http://reddit.com/info/2bjp6/comments/c2bku1))

Absolutely what does going through nine months of pregnancy, possible complications during this and/or the labour and a complete change in your body have to do with anything? How can that possibly give you the right to make the decision of whether or not to continue with a pregnancy? And pity the poor male who takes on the responsibility of all that. Leaving you free to indulge your rights.

Selfish women have been heard to opine that abortion should at least be available to victims of incest, but fortunately one of those Responsibility Carrying Males™ worked out the perfect argument to this;

Carl Gunter Jr. (deceased) - “Inbreeding is how we get championship horses. Louisianna state representative, explaining why he was fighting a proposed anti-abortion bill that allowed abortion in cases of incest.

In closing ladies I’d like to encourage you to invite your favourite pseudoqueer sunshine feminist man over for a latte, and look deep within your hearts to discover why you think it is ok to allow Responsibility Carrying Males™ to bear all the pains of pregnancy. Why you can’t see that “ownership of the means of reproduction” is the first step in the downfall of family, fathers rights and indeed society itself. And finally why you can’t simply recognize that it is uter-us not uter-you!!


  1. says

    Those are indeed complex philosophical questions requiring a nuanced and Responsible™ answer.

    Sadly as one of the rationally challenged I am unable to provide it.


    Hello, darlings, this is BLANCHE, she who is so frikken wunnaful she signs her name in capitals. The responsibility carrying males who are seemingly obsessed with uter-us could free themselves of the burden of all this responsibility by simply cutting off their dicks.

    Granted, they might have to pee through a rubber tube, but they would never again have to bear the curse of feeling as if it is their duty, obligation, and gawd given moral responsibility to monitor the internal organs of women.

    BLANCHE would be quite happy to lend a hand; I have a lovely axe and a chopping block should any of these brave crusaders want to absolve themselves of their burden.

    Bad enough when the busybodies and bossybritches start shoving their nose in other peoples’ business but when it gets to THIS level of stupidity we really do have to take action.