Another Tedious Poll

‘Two-thirds of Canadian women don’t support current abortion policy.’ That’s the conclusion of an Environics poll commissioned by the fetus fetishizers at Life Canada.

Well, we at Birth Pangs commissioned a poll of our own. We asked the esteemed polling firm Upay-Wespin to ask Canadians ‘When was the last time you made and burned an effigy of Stephen (Bully-Boy) Harper?’ The options given were: in the last hour, in the last 24 hours, in the last week, and in the last month.

When we looked at the numbers, we figured that anyone who read or watched more than one news report over the last week would have made and burned at least one effigy of Stephen (Let Canadians Fry in Merkin Jails) Harper. So, we added up the numbers for one hour, one day, and one week, and came up with this conclusion: ‘Stephen (Blood and Shit on Afghan Prison Floors Is Not My Problem) Harper and his gang of thugs is the worst thing to happen to Canada since — ever.’

But we digress.

Every year since 2002 the Krazy Kristian Kriminalizers have commissioned yet another of these tedious polls asking Canadians the same tedious questions.

The ‘2007 Poll Report’ is available here
in PDF format only.

Have a look at this table.

Well, looky there. Support for the ‘from conception’ idiocy notion has actually fallen — and by quite a lot. From 37% in 2002 to just 30% in 2007. Support for the ‘at birth’ position has risen slightly from 30% to 33%.


(And note that the total of the 2007 numbers for all points before birth is 62%, not two-thirds, which would be 66.6%. That’s because this table represents both women and evil baby-hating men, only 57% of whom think this is any of their business. Hey! That’s kinda encouraging. Only 57% of men think this is any of . . . But we digress again.)

So, we at Birth Pangs have a word of advice for the fetus fetishizers. Stop with the polls already. Save your money. Buy more Blobs-on-a-Stick.

Or, as our friend and ally Croghan27 at Bread and Roses encouraged us to say: duh, you’re losing.

Thanks to GodammitKitty at Hope and Onions for help with the graphic.


  1. says

    With all due respect to our friend Croghan, I’d say it’s more like “Duh, you lost… like 20 years ago. Get over it already.” :razz:

  2. croghan27 says

    jj – I read your excellent post on the ‘Unborn Victims of Crime’ bill. (WDF are ‘the unborn’ anyway, something George Romero came up with?) – it seems it is hard to keep a persistant fetus fetishizer down.

    Like a bad meal – they keep coming up again.


    Hello Dollinks, it is BLANCHE, she who signs her name in capitals, and often in capitols. Polls. BLANCHE does not give much credence to polls. BLANCHE has no objection at all to Poles, why some of my best friends are…but polls, well,they are all too often done over the phone at suppertime. There you are, eating your shepherds pie and the phone goes off…you try to ignore it but… so you answer and a voice you do not recognize goes into this litany…and you say “if you’re selling something I don’t want any” and it’s no no we’re not selling anything, this is the Annoy and Disturb polling crew and we only ask for a few minutes of your time… they mention public service and a few other such terms and of course we’re all conditioned to volunteer for the public good so some will answer the questions… BLANCHE of course just puts the phone down and goes back to the shepherds’ pie…hoping to tie up at least one of their lines for a while so that good people everywhere are not bothered…when the phone starts to go neep neep neep BLANCHE will put it back on it’s little thingy and mutter about the interruption.

    Then there are statistics. If sixtyseven per cent of those polled said “yes”, what does that really mean? Well, it means some people were home at the time the phone rang. It doesn’t take into consideration that for every phone answered there were twenty not answered because people were at work. And some of those people might well work in freedom clinics, while others were not answering because they were on their way to the freedom clinic for their abortion. And some others might have been on their way home after having had the procedure. And some might not have answered because they were in hospital getting their varicose veins stripped. Others might not have answered because they were on their knees in front of the john hurling chunks with morning sickness and others might well have been more interested in shepherds pie. Millions of Poles might not have even been contacted and then there is the North Pole and the South Pole, neither of which seem to even have telephone service.

    SO what has really been proven?

    BLANCHE suggests not much.
    Except that most people would prefer the freedom clinics remain open, protected by law from those who so sanctify life they would shoot doctors and bomb clinics and assault potential clients of such.

    A few years ago when BLANCHE wore the tunic of the Knights Templar and was head of the prieure of zion, and was admittedly younger and more energetic than she is now, a particular mentality decided we had a treasure and so without warning or honour, in the middle of the night, they swooped and men, women, and children were slaughtered in their beds or tossed into dungeons to await execution.

    No treasure was seized.

    Some of us fought our way free.

    Unfortunately, that mentality is still busy trying to steal treasure and if they no longer look for gold and silver, they are after the treasure all the same. And that treasure is your freedom of Choice. In the opinion of BLANCHE it is worth much more than gold, silver, or gems.

    And we don’t need a poll of any kind to prove or disprove the obvious. A matter of personal Choice cannot and must not be threatened by those who have not yet learned to mind their own dam business!

    Polls. Don’t touch’em with a barge pole.