Celebrating 20 Years of Lawlessness

Twenty years ago today, Canada became the only country on the planet without a law on abortion.

Here, you can see an annual review of abortion law around the world.

Here is the page for Canada, which we reproduce in its entirety:

Canada has no abortion law.

Is this a good thing?

Let’s let
Dr Jehu-Appiah of Ghana have the last word:

Despite Ghana having a more progressive law than many African countries, he believes there should be no law on abortion at all, following in the footsteps of countries like Canada where the maternal mortality rate is very low, “if we did not have a law restricting abortions we would be able to reduce this figure to zero.” He added “a woman of 15-25 years old does not deserve to die just because she is pregnant.”


  1. Ceecee says

    Right you are. she doesn’t deserve to die just because she is pregnant. So get her some decent prenatal care, and some decent childbirth care. That will make the maternal death rate practically negligible.

    As for women not deserving to die, just because they are pregnant, I am very glad to hear someone say this. I think this idea should extend to women who want to give birth to their babies, even when their husband/boyfriend, or someone else in their life, wants them to abort.

    It is the so-called pro-choice movement’s dirty little secret that the most frequent cause of death in pregnant women is homicide. (Not death in childbirth as the people at Birth Pangs would have us believe.) This homicide is usually in retaliation for the woman’s refusal to abort. She refuses to abort when her boyfriend or other significant person in her life wants her to, so they just kill her to prevent the baby from being born.

    The silence of the so-called “pro-choice” movement on this issue is absolutely deafening. Where is their outrage? Where are the marches in the street of feminists trying to defend these women’s right to choose birth without the threat of violence and death?
    Where are the letters to the editor and other feminist writers bemoaning the deaths of these women. Since when should it be a capital offense to refuse abortion? Don’t any of you “pro-choicers” have anything to say about this? Don’t you care? If you do, you are very quiet about it.

    One woman might be a little inconvenienced by a 24 hour waiting period. One woman might be annoyed by the information they get at a Crisis Pregnancy Center, and doesn’t want to believe what they hear there. The feminist “pro-choice” movement goes up in smoke over these things. Scores of women are given an unofficial death penalty for refusing to abort, and their is complete silence from the “pro-choice” movement.

    For crying out loud people, why don’t you prove that you really DO care about women, and that you really DO support a woman’s right to choose, even if she chooses life.

  2. fern hill says

    Ceecee: you are tiresome. Not to mention an idiot. Who the fuck do you think pioneered women’s shelters? It was us and is us, the feminists, the pro-choice people.

    Life is too short to argue with tiresome idiots.

  3. says

    Ceecee says: “This homicide is usually in retaliation for the woman’s refusal to abort. ”

    Interesting theory. You must be a disciple of the Judith Reisman School of Obfuscative Philosophy.

    How does Jean Guy Tremblay, who exerted emotional and physical abuse against Chantal Daigle, yet tried to stop her from obtaining a legal abortion, fit into your theory?

    He doesn’t, nor do the hundreds of men who punch, beat, strangle and sexually violate their pregnant domestic partners. How about the case of Cpl. Maria Lauterbach? Do a little fact-checking – your assumptions are incorrect and fallacious.

    Perhaps the “dirty little secret” of the fetus fetishizing anti-abortion movement is that some men become more violent when women CHOOSE to remain pregnant.