Birth Pangs Gives Liberal Opposition A Failing Grade on

Birth Pangs Gives Liberal Opposition A Failing Grade on

March 6, 2008

CANADA – The Liberals’ vote – or lack thereof – on Bill C-484, the Kicking Abortion’s Ass Bill, yesterday is another empty gesture in a long list of failures by the Opposition, said BP activist and Founder, fern_hill, today.

“The Liberals went into Wednesday’s session (or stayed out of it) knowing full well that Canadian women saw it as a backdoor attempt to attack women’s rights to reproductive freedom. Still, Mr. Dion could not be found to vote for or against it. This is the latest in a string of failures by this Opposition to take a stand for Canada and for Canadian women,” said Ms. hill.

“On the eve of International Women’s Day, this is disappointing for Canadian women because it’s clear that the Liberals don’t take women’s equality seriously. We urge the Liberals to stop turning back the clock, and come up with a vote that supports women’s rights,” she said.

Hill noted that many Canadian organizations representing women’s rights urged Dion to whip his caucus to vote against the Bill and that the Liberal Leader’s support for women is, “All words. Little action. No support for Women.”

Co-founder of Birth Pangs, April Reign also noted that while International Women’s Day is a time to celebrate, the latest Liberal blunder is a reminder there is much more work to do to protect women’s equality.

“Who can forget that the former Liberal government’s cuts to women’s groups which do important work across the country virtually shut down such organizations as the National Action Committee on the Status of Women? That laid the groundwork for continued cuts by the Conservatives, just as this legislation will lay groundwork for attacks on women’s reproductive rights,” said Ms. Reign.

“To make some vague statement about support for women’s rights without commitments behind it is a clear sign that women’s rights rank low on the Liberal Opposition’s priority list,” said Reign.


  1. James says

    I’m really glad you’re fighting the good fight.

    Next election, vote NDP. We can form the next government for sure.

    In the mean time, blame the liberals. I would rather have Stephen Harper than liberals.

    In fact, Stephen Harper has played no part whatsoever in this recent bill. So please, pay no attention to him. Just focus on the liberals. Beat them up. Call them sissies. Maybe then we’ll get somewhere in this country.

    God Bless partisanship!

  2. fern hill says

    Erm . . . just to set the record straight. fern hill is not the founder of Birth Pangs. Birth Pangs was conceived by April Reign.

    Of course, all us evul feminazis thought it a genius idea and hopped aboard.