C-537: ‘Life Begins at Fertilization’

It is usually in the nature of Private Member’s Bills that their authors are not well known to the country in general.

Such is the case with Maurice Vellacott, author and sponsor of Bill C-537, ‘An Act to amend the Criminal Code (protection of conscience rights in the health care profession)’.

In the comments to an excellent blog-post by 900ftjesus at In the House and Senate, sassy offers a link to the
‘About Maurice Vellacott’ page where it is revealed that he is a founding Board Member of
Real Choices Crisis Pregnancy Centre in Saskatoon.

A quick hop over there informs us that:

We can provide you with referrals to many different resources within our community such as adoption services, housing information and programming options. WE DO NOT REFER FOR ABORTIONS.

*sigh* Big surpriiiise. It is a ‘Crisis Pregnancy Centre’, which, as has been proven over and fucking over again lie to and manipulate whoring harlots women unexpectedly pregnant.

So it should come as no surprise that Maurice snuck a little zinger into a bill supposedly about ‘conscience rights’ as JJ at Unrepentant Old Hippie points out:

“‘human life’ means the human organism at any stage of development, beginning at fertilization or creation.”

Got that? OK. You know what to do.


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    But wait! Cells are living things, aren’t they? So, shouldn’t Maurice’s bill say that life begins at ovulation? I mean, that would only be fair, wouldn’t it? :lol:

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    In May 2006 Vellacott and Steckle invited American anti-abortion activist Dr. Angela Lanfranchi up to Canada to make the case for abortion causing breast cancer.

    At their press conference Lanfranchi said there has been a 40-per-cent increase in the incidence of breast cancer in the last 30 years and explained why :

    “It’s the women of the Roe v. Wade generation that account for most of this increase. Dramatic lifestyle changes brought about by the sexual revolution and the women’s liberation movement are largely responsible for the rampant breast cancer we see today.”

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    I see it all so clearly now. It is not the fault of the under-regulated environmental toxin creators, or the polluters. And it is most certainly not the fault of the uranium producers or the pharmaceutical makers! No, no, of course not! It is all the fault of the women! Women brought disease upon themselves because they decided they liked to have sex!

    Silly me! I’m such a girl, sometimes, aren’t I? :roll:

    OMFG! These people! Are they really human?