Abortion Man

LifeShite had this to say:

While some think Wayans’s video is crude and offensive, others suspect it could be a satiric attack on abortion.

On the other hand, the other LifeShite reports that pro-lifers anti-choicers are upset.

Here’s wiki on Damon Wayans.

We at Birth Pangs don’t know what to think. (Though we kinda like the flying fetus at the end.)


  1. rintrah says

    I would suggest that the video goes directly against what both the anti-abortion crowd and the pro-choice crowd want to accomplish. The woman wants to have the child but she has the ability to choose. She was unsure until the man voiced some faux-support; That’s when she became excited. That was also the point when the man took away her choice by forcing her to have an abortion.

    The woman has an abortion and has no choice in the matter. Who is the “winner?”