Grotesque, Exploitative Photos!

Image via WikipediaIt’s pearl-clutching time in Fetusville again! LifeShite reports on a Mother’s Day message from — get ready — Planned Parenthood!!!!!

It seems that PP’s USian president, Cecile Richards, emailed supporters, wishing them happy mother’s day and suggesting that they honour their mothers with a donation to PP.

She included part of an essay written by her daughter and referred to the strong pro-choice stand of her mother, former Texas governor Ann Richards.

There was also a jolly photo of Cecile, daughter, and Ann, which you can see at the Stanek link below.


Pro-life blogger Jill Stanek called Richard’s exploitation of Mother’s Day for pro-abortion money-making purposes “grotesque” and said she couldn’t believe Richards would stoop to “using her dead mother and daughter as props.”

Grotesque! Exploitation! Daughter! Dead mother! Props! Stooping!

At least the dead mother was alive at the time the photo was taken.

Unlike grotesque exploitative photos of a dead person used by the fetus fetishists here in Canada to try to sneak fetal rights through the back door in the form of Bill C-484, aka The Kicking Abortion’s Ass Bill. (Don’t worry, we don’t link to photos taken of dead people here at Birth Pangs.)


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    Holy cow, great catch! Another one of those “it’s okay for me but not for thee” things, eh?