‘All I want is my own mother’

Finally, a MSM account of a horrifying story we ran across at RH Reality Check (check out the comments there).

A 14-YEAR-OLD pregnant girl, who says she was raped by a friend, is caught in the middle of a struggle between Poland’s anti-abortion and pro-choice camps.

The schoolgirl, known only by the pseudonym Agata, is 11 weeks pregnant. Her mother says that several attempts to terminate the pregnancy – permitted under Poland’s abortion laws because Agata is under-age – have failed because of interference by anti-abortion campaigners.

The mother got permission for an abortion under Poland’s fetus-fetishizing regime.

But when they went to the local hospital in Lublin, southeast of Warsaw, Agata was shown, alone, into a room where a priest was waiting. The priest, Fr Krzysztof Podstawka, heads a local diocese organisation for single mothers called “Protection of Life”. Agata said that the gynaecologist returned later and said she would not perform the abortion.

The mother then contacted the Polish Women’s Federation who helped them find another clinic in Warsaw.

But, when they got there —

Waiting for them was Fr Podstawka and anti-abortion campaigners. Inside, doctors refused to perform the abortion, claiming they had been threatened.

Meanwhile, the fetus fetishizers aren’t content to block the kid’s abortion.

[A]uthorities in Lublin received complaints about the mother’s role in the case and, on their return, put Agata into emergency child care.

You banging head on desk yet?

Here’s the kicker:

“I want to be a mother when I grow up, not now,” [Agata] told Gazeta Wyborcza . “Now all I want is my own mother.” Already in her 11th week, Polish law only allows legal terminations until the 12th week.

UPPITY-DATE: We can’t find a credible source other than the usual suspects like this one, but it appears that Agata has been released from her forced pregnancy.

Nice objective reporting here.

A 14-year-old girl, who supposedly was raped by a friend and became caught up in a national debate over abortion, has taken the life of her unborn child. New reports from health minister Ewa Kopacz indicate the 11-week pregnant girl, known only by the pseudonym Agata, had an abortion.


  1. says

    That is so sad. It just about broke my heart. This poor girl – what she’s already been through is bad enough, and then they have to make it worse. It’s inhumane. And they claim to care about life?

  2. says

    Perhaps the rapist’s family is behind the rallying of the anti-abortion bullies to force this child to carry her pregnancy to term.

  3. David Toronto says

    Lublin is the city in Poland that has a Catholic university.

    The university has been there for several centuries.

    It’s no wonder that the situation was handles the way it was.

    I’m not supporting what happened; I’m merely putting it into

  4. says

    ‘Objective reporting’ from Lifeshite? Here’s one example: “However, reports indicate pro-life advocates tried to persuade her against doing so. On the other side, abortion advocates pressured both the girl and her mother to move ahead with the abortion.”

    Separating a sexually abused fourteen year old girl from her mother and letting a priest bully her, as well as threatening hospital staff is persuasion?