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Spears Palin

Lynn Spears and Sarah Palin are identical twin sisters, born to an unwed teenage mom and separated at birth when each was adopted by a different childless couple.

OK. I completely made that up. But wouldn’t it be just totally appropriate as the next plot twist in the ‘stranger than fiction’ reality TV spectacle that the US political scene has become?

Here’s what’s really happening. Lynn Spears’ memoirs or tabloidgraphy is due to be launched by her publishers on September 16. We covered that story back when Jamie Lynn’s unintended pregnancy became publicly known.

In the spirit of All Blobs Are Created Equal, But Some Are More Equal Than Others we wonder if the Republicans are planning to use Bristol’s fetus to fundraise for their party? Immediately following Sarah Palin’s speech at the convention, US citizens donated close to $10 million to the Democrats’ presidential campaign.


  1. says

    Whoa! Y’know, some of these posts should come with a warning! Mebbe say something like, Swallow before reading or Warning: may cause coffee to spew onto screen.

    Or maybe not. OK, how about, If coffee can’t wake you, Birth Pangs will!

    Nemmind, I’m awake now.

  2. blanche du bois says

    Hello, darlings, it is I, BLANCHE, she who writes her name in…you know the rest, right?

    I’m old. I’m very old. If I keep choking on my coffee I might not get much older.

    Actually, it is my unconsidered opinion that when these twins were born their mother took one look, shook her head, and decided she would raise the afterbirths, instead.

    That’s how they wound up adopted out.

    I think both of them have been put out before the glue has dried. And the paint, alone, won’t hold’em together.

    Just when you think you’ve seen everything you find haven’t.

    Now I’ll go change my tee shirt. This one is all over coffee.