Did Kline mislead Court on Tiller?

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Birth Pangs has written on the Kline/Tiller saga before. Kline, an anti-choice ideologue who it seems will stop at nothing to vilify and harass those who are pro-choice.

Jared Reed testified Wednesday that in April 2007, he confronted Kline’s top deputy, Eric Rucker, in a stairwell of the Johnson County Courthouse in Olathe. He said he relayed concerns that the investigation was driven by Kline’s and Rucker’s staunch opposition to abortion.

“He indicated that basically, personal careers, individual careers are worth sacrificing to further the greater cause,” Reed said.

Kline may have willfully misled the court on evidence which he used to try Dr. Tiller.

He obtained a probable cause warrant to enter and obtain client files from the Tiller’s Women’s Health Care Services clinic based on evidence that Tiller preformed a late term abortion on a 10 year girl allowing her rape to go unreported. However, the facts of the case are that

The girl came with her mother from another state, carrying a letter from their local prosecutor’s office. The letter said the girl needed “an immediate medical procedure that (could) only be done” at Tiller’s Women’s Health Care Services clinic.

The relative who raped her had already been charged.

At one point having received the search warrent on the evidence that the rape was not reported Kline’s office “considered an armed raid of the clinic, but opted to use subpoenas to get the information instead.”

How thoughtful of them!

After receiving these client files they sat in a Rubbermaid™ container in the dining room of one of his investigators, Jared Reed. Reed “had no prior experience as an investigator before working for Kline” and [..] never worked directly with Kline.

Reed testifying under immunity protection went on to say

“My personal opinion was they were willing to do whatever it takes to get a conviction against an abortion provider,” Reed testified of his former colleagues, “up to and including breaking the law.”

Birth Pangs will continue to bring you updates on this story.


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NOTE: at this time allegations against either party remain unproven.

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