David Little Denied

Tax evader..er pro-lier David Little has been refused a chance to argue in the Supreme Court of Canada that he should be allowed to refuse to pay taxes as it might fund an abortion. No doubt Health Canada is just waiting for his money to give to local abortion clinic. *rolleyes*

He had openly dared the tax department to charge him, declaring he would never again file a tax return for as long as there is tax-funded abortion in Canada.
He based his appeal on Religious Freedom, that as a devout Roman Catholic he found it morally repugnant that his money could go to pay for abortions.
Now, he is challenging the justice system to charge him for the ensuing years, too.
“Are they going to put me in jail for the rest of my life?” he said Thursday, the day the Supreme Court of Canada indicated it will not hear an appeal of his New Brunswick Provincial Court conviction. The highest court gave no reason for its refusal..


Little has moved to Prince Edward Island where they still deny the law and women’s rights.

Generally speaking, access to abortion is the worst in the Maritime provinces (on the east coast of Canada), which is the poorest part of Canada. When it comes to abortion, the province of Prince Edward Island is our national disgrace. The government there refuses to provide any abortion services whatsoever. PEI is very conservative and the Catholic Church also has a strong presence. The province will pay for hospital abortions in other provinces for women willing to travel, but through luck or design, virtually no hospital in the Maritimes will perform abortions on women from out-of-province. So, every year, 200 women a year from Prince Edward Island travel to a private clinic in New Brunswick or Nova Scotia, at great personal expense. If they are unlucky enough to be over 16 weeks pregnant, they must travel to Montreal, Toronto, or Boston. Things are a little easier for PEI women now — in 1997, a very long bridge was built connecting the Island to New Brunswick. Now, PEI women can drive across the bridge, have their abortion, and come back the same day. This is all very nice, but building a bridge to another province seems an awfully expensive way for the government to avoid their responsibility to women.



  1. sassy says

    “Are they going to put me in jail for the rest of my life?” he said Thursday,

    Now there's a plan.

  2. Andy says

    I suppose if he was a homo campaigning for gay "rights," you'd be cheering him on. Or try this on for size: if the federal government funded anti-abortion campaigns and withheld funds from abortion services, and Little was refusing to pay his taxes because he was pro-choice — then it is a dead certainty you'd be cheering him on. And you know bloody well I'm right. This blog piece actually says more about your own prejudice and ideology than it does about David Little or abortion.