Birth Pangs Party

birthdayballoo.gifWelcome to the Birth Pangs Birthday Party! One year ago today the groundhog was busy predicting the weather. Who could have predicted that the idea arising upon that day would develop into a successful multi-author blog? Birth Pangs is not just a reproductive news aggregator either. Our own fern hill was forefront in announcing, and activating against, the Ottawa Senators wives supporting a pregnancy crisis centre.
I’d like to offer my thanks and appreciation to all the authors here, and to all Birth Pangs readers.

And now I hope you join me in some cyber refreshments….Cheers!

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PSA: (To Paraphrase Frank Zappa) Does Humour Belong in Abortion?

In Celebration of Birth Pangs Day

Happy Birthday Birth Pangs!

Saturday night party blogging

Happy Birth Pangs Day!

TKO! Happy Birthday, Birth Pangs!

Happy Birthday, Birth Pangs!