GOP Practising Vagina Politics

GOP "government so small it fits in your uterus". Remember when these people said they were all about jobs, jobs, jobs? What they failed to mention was that the jobs were to be ultrasound techs willing to preform procedures against a woman's will and Vagina Police. On Thursday, the Senate took up an amendment proposed by Sen. Roy Blunt (R-Mo.) … [Read more...]

Gender War – Expect Casualties

Florida has decided to tell women that `your money is no good here`. Whether they purchase healthcare insurance with their own money or not Senate Bill 1414 will prevent insurers from paying for abortions. Sen. Gwen Margolis, D-Miami, sponsored an amendment that provides an exception to the ban for cases of rape, incest or if the pregnancy … [Read more...]

A Woman Who Tried To Suicide While Pregnant now Faces Murder Charge

Because she hasn't suffered enough, a woman who tried to commit suicide while pregnant is now charged with murder. Bei Bei Shuai, 34, a restaurant owner who moved to the US from China 10 years ago, was pregnant and planning to marry her boyfriend until she learned late last year that he was already married and he would be abandoning her. A … [Read more...]

GOP Can’t Wait To Strip You Of Your Rights

In their battle against a woman’s right to choose, anti-choice Republicans have adopted a new tactic to enforce their agenda: deem any anti-choice bill an “emergency.” In Texas, Gov. Rick Perry (R) saddled a forced sonogram bill with an “emergency item” status to allow the state GOP to drive it through Congress “within the first 30 days of the … [Read more...]