Women as Breeding Stock

I remember a few years ago an anti abortion male commented on a post I made about women in Argentina suffering as a result of the harsh anti abortion laws there. He opined that Argentina was a third world country and no such harm would come to North American women. Yet harsh anti abortion laws in the USA have already resulted in deaths. Now not … [Read more...]

No Means …Um … Well.. it depends..

No means no.. at least unless you are drugged or a young girl who is the victim of incest or otherwise failed to have a Rethuglican actually witness your rape. – Redefinition Of Rape: The bill sponsor Rep. Chris Smith (R-NJ) faced serious backlash after he tried to narrow the definition rape to “forcible rape.” By narrowing the rape and … [Read more...]

A Woman Who Tried To Suicide While Pregnant now Faces Murder Charge

Because she hasn't suffered enough, a woman who tried to commit suicide while pregnant is now charged with murder. Bei Bei Shuai, 34, a restaurant owner who moved to the US from China 10 years ago, was pregnant and planning to marry her boyfriend until she learned late last year that he was already married and he would be abandoning her. A … [Read more...]

Anti-Abortion Thought Police

This is not a debate about abortion. This is about a fundamental right to make choices about our sexuality -- without the encroachment of a president, the Supreme Court, and certainly without the encroachment of politicians! Faye Wattleton may want to add doctors and nurses to that list. Ms. Taylor became light-headed and fell down a … [Read more...]