Virginia State Senator Janet Howell Has A Brilliant Plan

Virginia State Senate is trying to put through a bill requiring women to have an ultra-sound before an abortion. Senator Janet Howell has formed a brilliant protest manoeuvre Howell expressed her disdain for the latest legislation on Monday, and said the amendment was just a matter of fairness between genders. Her amendment states before … [Read more...]

What an anti-woman agenda looks like

The Oregonian a newspaper in Portland Oregon ran an editorial entitled, "What a pro-woman presidency looks like". This has Lifesite's knickers in a knot. You see the article supports Obama overturning the Mexico City Policy signed by the Bush administration. Wendy Wright, president of Concerned Women for America, is quoted as saying; "One of … [Read more...]

‘Pelvic Theology’

Just 'coz it's funny. Democrats again face the Catholic challenge: Bill Roth, president of the Catholic Democrats political action committee, said the American Roman Catholic Church is split between "believers in social theology" who are most concerned about poverty, health care and war, and "those with a firm adherence to pelvic theology," … [Read more...]

Wombinating on the U.S. Election

In a time of war and economic collapse one would think that the issues of the day would be how to save jobs and homes and bring peace and stability. Yet this is not the case. Many see the election as the perfect time to get snuggly with other people's private bits and decide what they can or should do with them. The consequence of electing … [Read more...]