My Health Is NOT Up For Debate

Women are fighting back. They drew a line in the sand in Mississippi, where voters defeated a fetal personhood amendment. In Virginia, women organized to block a harmful ultrasound bill. Women everywhere are mobilizing to tell their lawmakers: "our health is NOT up for debate!" The "Hurdles" video depicts these new state restrictions with 92 … [Read more...]

Prince Edward Island Reproductive Rights Organization Rally

Support reproduction choice in PEI Saturday, November 19 · 12:00pm – 4:00pm Location: Peace Fountain by Province House on Grafton Street PRRO – Prince Edward Island Reproductive Rights Organization – is organizing a reproductive rights rally to inform residents of Prince Edward Island what reproductive rights women are entitled to as decreed … [Read more...]

Remembering Dec. 6th

Remembering the women who lost their lives December 6th to a man who felt women didn't have the right to be at École Polytechnique and the women who have lost their lives because of people who didn't believe in their right to reproductive liberty. … [Read more...]

Robbing Petra and Pauline

Many of those disrupting meetings on health care to trample by folding, spindling and mutilating Godwin's Law are the same ones who are virulently against a woman's right to control her own body. How ironic then that by campaigning against health care for all they are also making it more difficult for women who choose to have babies. "Women … [Read more...]