Valley of the Dolls

Parents are often unaware of just how deeply the forced pregnancy crowd has infiltrated society. Even our children are not safe. What do dolls tell our daughters? They tell them that one day they will be forced to bear children instead of becoming, hairy legged, man hating, humorless feminists as is proper. There are even dolls which are … [Read more...]

Top Pro-Pregnancy Advocate at It Again

Again, we see irrefutable proof that pregnancy hurts women. Why else would one of the most misogynist organizations in the world promote pregnancy so relentlessly? Pope emphasizes the sanctity of life 'from conception to its natural end' The Associated Press Published: February 4, 2007 VATICAN CITY: Pope Benedict XVI emphasized the sanctity … [Read more...]

New research emerges

A new research paper has emerged today from the friends of the regulate pregnancy crowd esteemed BnR think tank. Co written by scientists known only as fh and ss the paper finds that; New research demonstrates that in addition to the well-known risks of depression, stretch marks, and back pain, there is a new danger to pregnant women -- large … [Read more...]

Pregnancy on Demand

Canada is the only country in the world with complete, unfettered access to pregnancy on demand. Incredibly, there are no laws at all on the books to regulate pregnancy. In Canada, a woman of any age, even as young as 12, has access to pregnancy. There are no age restrictions whatsoever. And there is absolutely no requirement for parental … [Read more...]

Anti-pregnancy people launch campaign!

Birth Pangs -- Save Lives! Regulate Pregnancy! For Immediate Release 02 February 2007 Anti-pregnancy people launch campaign! (OTTAWA) A radical group of anti-pregnancy extemists launched their political campaign to eliminate pregnancy with a new website this week. Birth Pangs will be an organizing centre of support in their … [Read more...]