GOP Practising Vagina Politics

GOP "government so small it fits in your uterus". Remember when these people said they were all about jobs, jobs, jobs? What they failed to mention was that the jobs were to be ultrasound techs willing to preform procedures against a woman's will and Vagina Police. On Thursday, the Senate took up an amendment proposed by Sen. Roy Blunt (R-Mo.) … [Read more...]

Abortion: There’s Nothing to Debate

reposting this in it's entirety as really there is nothing more to say. For immediate release November 3, 2011 Abortion: There's Nothing to Debate. Except how to eliminate remaining barriers to abortion care NATIONAL - Despite repeated calls by Canada's … [Read more...]

Mother Who Dressed Toddler As Prostitute Wants To Donate Dress Profits To Anti-Abortion Organization

Who would dress their child as a prostitute? A "pro-lifer" of course. Wendy Dickey, the mother of Paisley, who wore the now-famous "Pretty Woman" prostitute costume during the Queen of Hearts pageant, tells E! News exclusively that the outfit has caused such a stir that she wants to sell the getup and donate the proceeds to charity. And … [Read more...]