GOP Practising Vagina Politics

GOP "government so small it fits in your uterus". Remember when these people said they were all about jobs, jobs, jobs? What they failed to mention was that the jobs were to be ultrasound techs willing to preform procedures against a woman's will and Vagina Police. On Thursday, the Senate took up an amendment proposed by Sen. Roy Blunt (R-Mo.) … [Read more...]

Keep Talking

We at Birth Pangs are laffing our asses off at Ken Epp, the Reforma-Tories, the so-conned, etc etc on the demise of Bill C-484, aka The Kicking Abortion's Ass Bill. But this, as they say, is gonna leave a mark. The freakin' Editorial Board of the National Pest, main MSM stirrer of the C-484 pot, has also made a screeching 180. Under the title … [Read more...]

Be sure to kiss him, Ken

Holy moly. Rob Nicholson just screwed Ken Epp. OTTAWA — Justice Minister Rob Nicholson says his Conservative government will not reopen the abortion debate, but it will penalize offenders who endanger the lives of unborn babies. Nicholson says he will introduce new legislation that will include a victim's pregnancy as an aggravating factor … [Read more...]

Sense returning?

Is the insanity south of the border starting to abate? We have recently seen some hopeful signs. Here are two small ones. According to the Daily Women's Health Report, a US Senate appropriations subcommittee has recommended reducing funding by 25% for the asinine and totally ineffective abstinence-only 'sex' education program. As we reported … [Read more...]

11 Years vs 20 Weeks

Have things changed all that much from the very very bad old days in Romania, subject of the film Four Months, Three Weeks, Two Days? Dig this story. BUCHAREST, Romania -- Romania's health minister said Wednesday a government committee will decide this week whether an 11-year-old who was raped by her uncle can go to Britain for an abortion … [Read more...]