Will Zygote Zealots Rule at the Con Con?

Back in July, Le Devoir disclosed that members of the Québec CPC were unanimously opposed to a resolution that was presented in the slate of policy resolutions for discussion and ratification at the November convention. Some party members from the West have inserted a proposition to integrate Bill C-484 into the Conservative platform. C-484 is a … [Read more...]

No-choicers want specific choice only for themselves.

Reactionary, anti-reproductive choice Catholic parents are using the "our right to choose" slogans; they claim the right to exclude their children from a new curriculum taught in Québec classrooms. They carried placards at a rally in Montréal yesterday, claiming that the province had gone too far.Several hundred parents, many with their children … [Read more...]

No-choice/No-brainer divide at Con Convention

It may come as a surprise to those unfamiliar with the history of Québec, but within the ranks of the Conservative Party of Canada, there is steadfast support for choice from that province's party members. And it may lead to a confrontation in November at the CPC convention, if the delegates representing the old Reform party constituency, aka … [Read more...]

Epp holds press conference. Did anyone show up?

A long time ago, Conservative MP Ken Epp’s ongoing attempts to control the public’s perception of Bill C-484 would have been called a ‘snow job’. Nowadays, the term used in political circles is ‘spin control’. Today Epp held a special press conference to whine about how he has been victimized by physicians, politicians and women who are opposed … [Read more...]

Encore, Québec!

News flash from la belle province, with regards to attempts to re-criminalize abortion by way of private members' bills. The College of Physicians of Quebec has sent letters to all parties in Parliament regarding bills C-484, C-338, C-537 and C-543.[C-484] ferait en sorte que toute interruption volontaire de grossesse, même pour des raisons … [Read more...]