GOP Practising Vagina Politics

GOP "government so small it fits in your uterus". Remember when these people said they were all about jobs, jobs, jobs? What they failed to mention was that the jobs were to be ultrasound techs willing to preform procedures against a woman's will and Vagina Police. On Thursday, the Senate took up an amendment proposed by Sen. Roy Blunt (R-Mo.) … [Read more...]

The Last Gasp

As if anyone needed yet more evidence that John McCain has totally lost whatever political wit he might once have had. Nancy Keenan (with video): Do you hear that? It's the sound of even more women voters in swing states like Colorado, New Hampshire, and Virginia moving to Sen. Barack Obama after John McCain's response to questions … [Read more...]

Congratulations again, Dr. Morgentaler!

My, my. After the MASSIVELY discredited poll and the astroturfed complaint to the Canadian Judicial Council, you'd think the fetus fetishists would be out in force in Quebec City to shrieeeeek their outrage at the actual handover of the award today. Seems not. But this is just lazy reporting: Abortion rights activist Henry Morgentaler was … [Read more...]

Two Can Play at That Game

As we have reported, the Catlick church in various countries clings to the Dark Ages resists all attempts at modernization of laws around reproduction. And, as we've reported, the Church fights dirty -- with lies and threats. Well, looky here. In Panama, lawmakers are fighting back with some dirty tricks of their own. Pro-family groups … [Read more...]