“The difference between pro-choice and pro-abortion”…

I can imagine that some people will start to write and chastise me for the title of this commentary before they even read what I write. It has become very apparent to me that many people don't actually read what is written and consider the points I make; they just like to tell me how wrong I am.Does this whining, plaintive and victimized tone sound … [Read more...]

After the storm of violent rhetoric, will no-choicers hear reason?

In the wake of the hysterical campaign of outrageous lies that US anti-choice fundamentalist religious zealots waged against the election of Obama, there is a disquieting calm.After making significant gains during the Bush administration, the anti-abortion movement was dealt sharp setbacks in last week's election with the defeat of three state … [Read more...]

No-choicers split on Amendment 48

You'd think 21-year-old Kristi Burton would be feted by the pro-life establishment. Though she still lives with her parents in Peyton, Colo., and is only partway through law school, Burton has already succeeded where other anti-abortion activists have failed: Last month she got a proposed amendment to her state's constitution on the ballot that … [Read more...]

Not your run-of-the-mill liar: Behold Jill Stanek

Enough. Someone should check her medication.Barack Obama was elected president despite the fact he supports abortion into the fourth trimester. Either the 63 million people voting for him didn't know about his radical record, which includes abandoning abortion survivors to die, didn't care, or didn't believe it.This is beyond willful and … [Read more...]

Don’t speak for me Sarah Palin

From one hockey mom to another: Just thought that Birth Pangs should post this for posterity, as it's likely that as of midnight tonight, Palin's hyper-multiplied 15 minutes of fame as the Marie Antoinette of fundamentalist religious rightwingnut zygote zealotry in the US will be history. Merci to Connie Woodcock at the Toronto Sun, for the … [Read more...]