Thinking the unthinkable about Canada’s future

by Geoff Olson

In the eye-opening film Hoodwinked: The Myth of Free Trade, former Liberal prime minister John Turner reflects on the mid-’80s battle over the North American Free Trade Agreement. After a famous heated exchange with Brian Mulroney, Turner lost the battle for Canadian hearts and minds on the divisive trade issue — and their votes in the process.
Turner reflects on how, unlike most politicians, he had read the actual NAFTA agreement. After discovering an absence of binding agreements on such things as monopolies, antidumping, and labour standards, he decided the document had more to do with investment than “free trade.”

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  1. Luke

    A superb article that every Canadian should read. We face a frightening future unless we wake up and change course. Of course that would imply a penalty of lower incomes in the short term and therefore Canadians might just prefer to keep their heads buried in the sand.