United We Stand

We started October, Women’s History month, on a low note with the cuts to SWC.

Not only cuts but a complete change of mandate including taking out the term and very idea of equality.

On Halloween, a day known for goblins and witches, Norm Spector shows again the lack of commitment of the conservative right to the dignity of women by not only supporting Peter Mackay’s derogatory and sexist behaviour but adding further that Ms. Stronach is a bitch and 90% of men would say a woman like her is a bitch. He further opines that the story would not have been given legs were it not for the number of female journalists upset by the remark.

Perhaps the number of female journalists is part of the decision by Mr. Harper to dismiss the press.

As we enter November, accompanied by these comments about bitches and the annoying business of having female journalists covering parliament, across Canada we are also focusing on Family Violence Prevention.

In another few weeks we will remember, on December 6th, those whose lives were taken for the crime of being independent, educated, self – directed women. (bitches?).

The comments and attitudes expressed latterly by the conservative government would seem to indicate an unwillingness and inability on their part to have learned anything from these events and remembrances.

In the next election let us take with us the strength and the voices of those who have been quieted.

Lest we forget.