Balcony gardens

Having moved to an apartment from a house I wondered how I would live without my gardens. It was a sad moment leaving behind plants some of which I had tended for over 12 years. The tree I planted for my daughter, the peonies I saved from a lot being bulldozed and dozens of rocks we hauled from a field.

Nevertheless, I determined that a balcony was not going to be a deterrent to my gardening efforts. I was late in the season to buy plants so things are very small scale this season, but I have peppers, pumpkins {yes pumpkins}. and various flowers.

Next year I’d like to add tomatoes and strawberries. This fall I’m hoping to plant bulbs and grass in a pot to have something to look forward to come spring. My spring ritual was to go out every day to ‘spot the green’ little tips of hosta, tulips and other flowers poking up testing the weather.

I’m also pleased that I have managed to attract birds to the feeder including various finches, cardinals and mourning doves. I do miss my chickadees and yellow finches, nuthatches, grosbeaks and others. Perhaps the fall will bring the chickadees. Nothing stops the squirrels of course. They climb right up the building wall to pilfer the seeds the birds have spilled and chatter angrily to the kitties when they presume to protect their space.

There may even come a time when I go so far as to try to create compost, first hurdle getting past the ewww worms factor.


  1. That is so impressive, Debra. I have no excuse, since I could have a garden, have had for many years in the past, except I gave up and let it all go to weeds. Maybe next year. Gardens are hopeful.