Fall Gardening

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The bad news is the days are getting shorter and the nights are getting cooler. The good news is your hard work is finally bearing fruit..or vegetable as the case may be.

Green tomatoes can be ripened in a sunny window or try a green tomato recipe. Fried Green Tomatoes, not just a great movie!

As you harvest and make room, you can also extend the fresh from the garden season by planting fast growing crops that appreciate the cooler weather, like lettuces.

Grasses enjoy the cool weather also and fall is the best time to reseed the lawn. Try the Fat Grass Recipe from John Reeves

When you are ready to pack up the clippers, and pruners and shovels and hoes that helped you all summer, don’t forget to show them a little love. Rub wood protector onto the handles of tools and spray metal parts with lubricant such as WD-40. Drain water out of hoses, and rinse out containers storing them upside down so no water collects providing homes for mosquitoes in the spring.

Lawn mowers also need to be cleaned and prepared for storage.

And when all the work is done you can sit down with your Lee Valley catalogue and dream of the wondrous things you’ll accomplish next year!

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  1. k'in

    Come frost, gonna try the green tomatoes in sunny window tip…thanks!

    Not sure about showing the love to the toolz though…know it’s proper, should be done and all…but I’m too lazy…