Hodge Podge(alisea)

Hodge Podge
Recipe type: soup
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  1. In a large pan, dice and fry a little salt pork until all you have left are crunchy brown salty bits. Pour off most of the fat.
  2. Toss some chopped new onions in the rest of the fat until they're soft.
  3. Meanwhile, boil new potatoes - really small ones, the size of walnuts. Add a couple of bay leaves to the cooking water if you like.
  4. Boil shelled peas until they're almost done.
  5. Steam some green and yellow beans over the peas for a couple of minutes, till they're just starting to cook.
  6. Pour equal parts of cream, and the potato and pea water mixed together, (There shouldn't be more than a cup of cream and cooking water each, not all of the veggie water!) into the onions/pork pan. Boil hard until it starts to thicken. Throw in the potatoes, peas and beans. Taste for seasoning; add black pepper and a pinch of nutmeg.
  7. Eat. Moan occasionally. If you feel the need of anything else, mussels in white wine and corn on the cob will work



photo credit: jpellgen via photopin cc