Balconey Garden – Summer 2010


I have found it necessary to scale back this year. I only have tomatoes as far as veggies so far and a pot of various herbs. That may change in future, we'll see. There are a couple of new additions. One is a little patch of lawn for the kitties and the other is that I have taken the bird feeder and placed it in a pot with flowers around. I like the look Continued ..

Fall Gardening


Image by ~K~ via FlickrThe bad news is the days are getting shorter and the nights are getting cooler. The good news is your hard work is finally bearing fruit..or vegetable as the case may be. Green tomatoes can be ripened in a sunny window or try a green tomato recipe. Fried Green Tomatoes, not just a great movie! As you harvest and make room, you can Continued ..

Balcony gardens


Having moved to an apartment from a house I wondered how I would live without my gardens. It was a sad moment leaving behind plants some of which I had tended for over 12 years. The tree I planted for my daughter, the peonies I saved from a lot being bulldozed and dozens of rocks we hauled from a field. Nevertheless, I determined that a balcony was not Continued ..