Dr. Morgentaler to receive Order of Canada


Dr. Morgentaler and those that supported him fought for many years to have abortion legalized. This goal was reached in 1988 " ...the Canadian Supreme Court declared the law he was convicted under to be unconstitutional in the case of Morgentaler et al. v. Her Majesty The Queen 1988 (1 S.C.R. 30). This ruling essentially ended all statutory restrictions Continued ..

“Having a girl is to plant a seed in someone else’s garden.”

India is proposing to register all women who are pregnant. This ostensibly is being done in order to curb the number of female fetuses being aborted and to help stop the number of female child infanticides. Currently up to 500,000 female fetuses are being aborted yearly. The preference for boys has "[...]reduced the number of girls per 1,000 boys from 945 Continued ..

Blog Against Sexism Day: Are you ready, boots?

Today is International Women's Day. A blogger suggests we blog against sexism. I came to feminism in the 60s as a young teen. Once I started 'seeing' sexism, I couldn't stop seeing it. Of course, back then, there was lots of it to see all over the place. Especially in advertising. Well, sex sells. Slowly, though, there were changes. Ads showed fewer women Continued ..

Blog for Choice Day

Men and women are different. Here is what one embattled abortion provider in the US said: "The only way women come close to achieving equality is if they can control their fertility," said the 65-year-old Carhart. "Abortion rights for men have been available since the beginning of time. When they're unhappy with a pregnancy, they walk away; it doesn't matter Continued ..

United We Stand

We started October, Women's History month, on a low note with the cuts to SWC. Not only cuts but a complete change of mandate including taking out the term and very idea of equality. On Halloween, a day known for goblins and witches, Norm Spector shows again the lack of commitment of the conservative right to the dignity of women by not only supporting Continued ..

Women’s History Month

October is the month of harvest, reflection and thanksgiving. It would be wonderful if everyone could take the opportunity this month to consider the gains we have harvested from those women who fought for us, to reflect on the work yet to be done and to give thanks to all those who have helped and inspired us. Lists on message boards on blogs reciting the Continued ..

Men’s magazines: it’s a zoo out there

Janice Turner No wonder mothers are incensed at the mysogynist material in the newsagent. It's worse than ever before WHAT IS pornography? My dictionary says "literature treating obscene subjects" but since definitions of obscenity are in perpetual flux, it is probably more helpful to bring you bang up to date with one Continued ..

Newsweek’s Apology Too Little, 20 Years Too Late

"We were wrong!" You almost never see these words on the cover of a major magazine, but on June 5, Newsweek said just that. The magazine headlined, in boxcar type, "20 years ago, Newsweek predicted that a single, 40-year-old woman had a better chance of being killed by a terrorist than getting married." Over a photograph of a bride and groom, the Continued ..