If you’re Happy and You Know It


Newswise — If you’re happy and you know it, thank your friends—and their friends. And while you’re at it, their friends’ friends. But if you’re sad, hold the blame. Researchers from Harvard Medical School and the University of California, San Diego have found that “happiness” is not the result solely of a cloistered journey filled with individually tailored Continued ..

Open Letter to Tony Clement


{The following was written by pseudz, BnR fellow-traveller, to Health Minister Tony Clement.} Dear Minister, Frequent listener, first-time caller . . . I’m worried about you, Tony . . . I know there’s a big gaggle of privatization mullahs in your party who really believe that the ‘Unseen Hand’ will be best for everyone. They’re very passionate. Continued ..

Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America


Image via WikipediaWhat a fine sounding title. Who doesn't want security and prosperity? What a wonderful and ambitious goal! Unfortunately like so many other programs current governments offer, the title belies the intent. From Integrate This; In March 2005, Paul Martin, George W. Bush and Vicente Fox met in Waco, Texas to ratify the Security and Continued ..

Local Health Integration Networks

By Debra Scott   82% of the province has never heard of LHINs or don't know what they are. You would think then that the province would be doing all they could to ensure that all Ontarians have a chance to learn about, and have input into this system. Perhaps even have a chance to vote on whether or not this is the direction they want their health care Continued ..