Image via WikipediaYesterday, in lieu of a turkey, I made up a roast duck, riced potatoes and cabbage.  This left me with some duck, a bit of gravy, a half a boiled potato, and half a Korean cabbage. What to do?  There wasn't really enough duck for a second meal, I had no more potatoes, and I hadn't bought any vegetable for today's meal.  Continued ..

Summer, we hardly knew ye!

So, I promised one last installiment of discussion re: grilling.  And I'll be honest:  I was prepared to renege, not (solely) out of laziness, but because when the weather has us hauling our fall jacket out of mothballs, it's hard to get excited about reading about grilled goodies, and, frankly, even a bit harder to  write about it.  But against all odds, Continued ..

More Fire

So we’re back. Need another beverage? Wait a second… do you need a barbecue? I guess we forgot to deal with that last time. If you don’t already have one, then you’ve got a bit of choosing to do, followed by a bit of spending. This spending could be as much as you'd spend on a used car, or as little as you'd spend on a good pair of socks. Continued ..

Light your fire

No matter how much "progress" may (or may not) improve our lives, we still seem to retain a preference for the primitive. Vinyl floor tiles can't beat slate or marble. Melamine furniture can't beat solid oak. Rayon blends can't beat Egyptian cotton. And nothing – nothing! – beats food cooked over fire. Continued ..