‘You, Me, and the S.P.P: Trading Democracy for Corporate Rule’


What do secrecy, police provocateurs, an assault on democracy and infringements on citizens’ rights have in common? The Security Prosperity Partnership. ‘You, Me, and the S.P.P: Trading Democracy for Corporate Rule’ is a feature length documentary which exposes the latest manifestation of a corporatist agenda that is undermining the democratic authority of Continued ..

musings on elections

As you can tell I wrote this in Toronto a while ago. It is about elections and the way I think they should work. This accepted the FPTP mode - which would date this effort. I apologize for the constant underlining - this is a technical problem I am unable to overcome. I still think the concepts are valid ... so waste some time and here it is: 10 Continued ..

Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America


Image via WikipediaWhat a fine sounding title. Who doesn't want security and prosperity? What a wonderful and ambitious goal! Unfortunately like so many other programs current governments offer, the title belies the intent. From Integrate This; In March 2005, Paul Martin, George W. Bush and Vicente Fox met in Waco, Texas to ratify the Security and Continued ..

You can’t handle the truth

That is the message that the Washington Post has for it's readers. The images are contained in thousands of pages of NCIS investigative documents obtained by The Washington Post. Post editors decided that most of the images are too graphic to publish… The descriptions of some of the photos do indeed sound brutal. A brutality the people in the pictures Continued ..

The Revolution Will Not Run On Window$

You go to peace marches and shop at the food co-op for organic food and fair trade coffee. You join picket lines of workers defending their rights, refuse to buy sweatshop clothing and never ever shop at Walmart. You fight to defend public medicare and for a national daycare programme. You do your banking at the local credit union. You come home after a Continued ..