Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America


Image via WikipediaWhat a fine sounding title. Who doesn't want security and prosperity? What a wonderful and ambitious goal! Unfortunately like so many other programs current governments offer, the title belies the intent. From Integrate This; In March 2005, Paul Martin, George W. Bush and Vicente Fox met in Waco, Texas to ratify the Security and Continued ..

blog against theocracy

I wanted to join the blog burst on theocracy this weekend. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to write about, so to get going, I googled ‘theocracy Canada’. I got a few hits, among them this one listing terrorist groups in Canada. This cracked me up. We all know that the Ministry of Public Safety is headed by Stockwell Day, about whom wiki says: Continued ..


Both my parents were religious in a personal and idiosyncratic way. Their religion was their own - they did not proselytize for the church or criticize any other faiths. What they had was suitable for them, and they had no intention of imposing it upon anyone else, or trying to change any one to make them suitable for their beliefs. Dad had converted to Continued ..

Cord blood banks

There is an interesting article in The Walrus this month by Ann Silversides. Ms. Silversides is described, in several brief description of her I found as:Ann is a veteran journalist and broadcaster who has written about AIDS since the 1980s. She specializes in health policy and has contributed many radio documentaries to CBC’s “Ideas” program on Continued ..

The Maritimes and Canada

The French Navy threw 'the fear' into Britiain in the Crimean War with the first steam powered Battle Ship, Napoleon. It was not only ironclad (its wooden hull was covered by sheets of iron) but screw driven. This was a vast improvement over the previous paddle wheel driven steam ships. This so Continued ..

Moral Panic and Democracy

On this Bread and Roses thread about the Manitoba government's With Child, Without Alcohol 'campaign', sparqui quotes a definition of moral panic: ...In essence, a moral panic is an exaggerated concern about some ‘social problem’. Among the characteristics of every moral panic are the alleged breakdown in public morality described above, a heightened Continued ..

You can’t handle the truth

That is the message that the Washington Post has for it's readers. The images are contained in thousands of pages of NCIS investigative documents obtained by The Washington Post. Post editors decided that most of the images are too graphic to publish… The descriptions of some of the photos do indeed sound brutal. A brutality the people in the pictures Continued ..

Get Ready for Melvil Dui Day

It’s October, for hevvinsakes! I was in a department store yesterday and they’ve got the &%$#@**%^ xmas decorations up. I hate xmas. It’s taken decades but now all my friends and relations understand that I do not ‘do’ xmas. No gifts, no parties, no carols, no bleeding eggnog. Before friends and especially relations (my sorta mother-in-law Continued ..

Women’s History Month

October is the month of harvest, reflection and thanksgiving. It would be wonderful if everyone could take the opportunity this month to consider the gains we have harvested from those women who fought for us, to reflect on the work yet to be done and to give thanks to all those who have helped and inspired us. Lists on message boards on blogs reciting the Continued ..